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HR3 Pack – Integral hair treatment

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HR3 is an integral treatment for alopecia and hair loss consisting of:

  • HR3 device with LLLT technology (246 laser diodes).
  • 3 months of Hairox Plus nutricosmetics..
  • First visit with the dermatologists agreed and/or recommended by Skymedic.
  • Telephone support.
  • Lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Program selector of 5 treatments or programs.
  • Power supply cable.
  • User’s guide.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Shipment of discreet and anonymous box.

A solution for home use that aims to treat hair loss and strengthen thinning hair or supplement any medical treatment to treat not only common or androgenic alopecia but also hair aging in both men and women.




HR3 is a home use device that aims to treat hair loss and thinning hair or supplement any medical treatment to treat common or androgenic alopecia and hair aging . Thanks to HR3 that it will stop hair loss, activate the growth and thicken the weakened hair increasing hair thickness on your head.

In conclusion, HR3 will stop the hair loss, rejuvenate hair and manage to strengthen the growth of thinning hair.

The pack consists of:

  • HR3 device with LLLT technology (246 laser diodes).
  • 3 months of Nutricosmetics or Hairox Plus supplements.
  • First visit with the dermatologists or trichologist agreed and/or recommended by Skymedic.
  • Telephone support.
  • Cap to perform a comfortable and discreet treatment.
  • Lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Program selector of 5 treatments or programs.
  • Power supply cable.
  • User’s guide.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Shipment of discreet and anonymous box.

We put within your reach this innovative device of 246 LLLT diodes, a hair regenerator enabling us a hair treatment at home. HR3 is adaptable to your needs as it has up to 5 treatments or programs to use either one or the other depending on how far your alopecia or baldness is. If you are searching for other solutions, you can check that there is no other solution better than HR3 Method because it can give different solutions to the patients’ needs.

In the case of HR3, we ensure you have the treatment you need and that is why we include medical advice in the pack price in order to carry out a right use of the device to achieve the best results. How many days of treatment, time and intensity will be prescribed by the medical specialist or trichologist depending on the problem.

In addition, if you have previously performed a clinic treatment for hair thinning and hair loss or baldness then HR3 is an ideal maintenance treatment. If your medical specialist does not know us and is interested in our method, tell us and we will give all the information needed in order to know and value our solution.

We complement the treatment of alopecia or hair loss with Hairox Plus, a high purity nutraceutical. This supplement for hair ensures the necessary nutrition for an adequate pilosebaceous follicle status. In addition, it is used to generate enough collagen and elastin fibers that will help for a good shell anchor which supports hair fiber.

Hairox Plus is a supplement which treats androgenic alopecia, alopecia caused by stress and by malnutrition. It is indicated for hair loss of men and women as well as thinning hair. It inhibits the negative effects of 5a reductase enzyme which causes the testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It provides intense nutrition with Biotin to increase rigidity and thickness of hair and nutrients to improve the quality of hair. Without side effects.

In short, HR3 pack is a total hair restoration that encourages hair growth and increases hair thickness. First visit with a dermatologist or trichologist, medical telephone support, laser device and supplements for 3 months are included in the pack.

Affordable and powerful. HR3 fully adapts to your budget. It the most advanced device regarding competition to treat men and women hair and at its fair price. (See Comparison with competition). Its quality-price ratio is based on:

  • The number of diodes (246) and its fitting ensure a treatment on the whole affected area.
  • Up to 5 programs for a customized treatment to real needs.
  • More powerful diodes. While other market solutions such as Capillus 82, Capillus 202 or Capillus 272 use 5mw diodes, HR3 manages to emit between 15mw and 19mw depending on the program you choose allowing less time to be spent on the treatment.
  • Flexible material which allows easy removal and putting for its cleaning.
  • Anti-breakage material.

The device is available via the referents medical specialists of alopecia from all over the world as well as on our online shop.

Customized treatment and medical supervision. Unlike other market solutions such as Capillus 82, Capillus 202 or Capillus 272, HR3 has a selector of 5 levels to adapt the treatment according to the patient’s progress of alopecia or the rate of hair loss. If you choose our HR3 Pack solution, the first visit with our medical specialist or agreed or recommended trichologist by Skymedic is included.

Unbreakable and good maintenance. HR3 has unique features in the market. On the one hand, HR3 is the unique circuit made of flexible material in the market which ensures good fit of the cap and unusual easy removal and assemble of the cap circuit allowing a perfect and quick cleaning that no other similar device has succeeded. On the other hand, its flexibility and the silicone material make it unbreakable against blows, contrary to other solutions in the market, such as Capillus 82, Capillus 202 or Capillus 272.

Mobility. Its design allows to manage the treatment to regenerate hair thinning and fight against hair loss or baldness in full comfort and discretion. In addition, its lithium battery will permit comfortable mobility being able to use the device when travelling, in the office, going around or where you need it.

Comfortable and without disturbance. Its flexible circuit, the silicone coat and the cap adaptability ensure an easy and comfortable use for men and women and what is more, without the annoying hair pulling when there is long hair. The 24 LLLT laser diodes of low intensity are cool to touch allowing a daily treatment without disturbance.

Quality Certificates.

Prescribed by physician and clinic studies. HR3 device is prescribed for alopecia and hair loss via an international net of authorized medical specialist or trichologists after carrying out a personalized diagnostic. Numerous studies from prestigious dermatologist and trichologists provide assurance of the good results achieved with LLLT diodes of 630nm of wave length:

  • 5 programs.
  • 246 LLLT defocused laser diodes.
  • 630 nm wave length.
  • Different areas of work and doses of energy..
  • Pulsed emission of 584 Hz (Frequency B-Nogier frequencies).
  • Battery life of 30 sessions.
  • Flexible circuit and made of silicone..

HR3 is designed to emit always 4 joules/cm2 on the area to be treated, which is the optimum and necessary energy for an effective treatment, bearing in mind the patient’s hair density and the distance between the device and the area to be treated.

For that, HR3 has up to 5 programs, for a treatment that ranges between 9 and 15 minutes per session and diodes that go from 15mW to 19mW, according to the personalized program that the patient needs. In contrast, any other similar devices such as Capillus 82, Capillus 202 o Capillus 272, only have a single program for all patients, diodes do not exceed 5mW and it is necessary to carry out sessions of 30 minutes each time.

HR3 does not have known side effects and it is considered safe for use by EC and other various clinic studies performed. This equipment offers a safe design and the 630nm emission is no risk in the eye area provided that we make a right use of the device, in other words, the cap has to be placed on the head and do not look insistently at the device light.


  • Do not use it if you are pregnant.
  • Persons under 16 years of age without doctor’s advice.
  • Illness caused by light or photosensitivity.
  • In case of infection on the area to be treated.
  • Fever or any active infection.
  • Any disease or acute inflammation on the area to be treated.
  • Patients with reduced sensitivity on the area to be treated. In case of doubt, please consult your physician.


  • Do not use HR3 with wet hair.
  • Do not look at the light source when HR3 is enlightened.
  • If you want to use the device more than once a day, please respect 3 hours between each session and a maximum of 2 daily sessions.

The warranty of the device is limited to 2 years for the cap and for the integrated circuits and 1 year for the battery pack and the power adapter. Hans Biomed S.L. warrants the HR3 device against material defects or labor for a period of two years from the date of purchase in an accredited establishment or on the web. The purchase invoice of the numbered device with its batch will be enough as a purchase guarantee.
If there is a material defect or labor, Hans Biomed S.L. will repair or replace the needed pieces with new ones or remanufactured for free. Any replaced piece will be covered by the original limited warranty of 2 years.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from force majeure, misuse, neglect, accident or modification of any part of the unit as determined by our return department. This warranty does not cover improper operation or maintenance, connection to an inadequate voltage supply or attempted repair by someone who is not from the company. Failure to use and maintain HR3 device according to the instructions from the user’s guide will void the product warranty.

HR3 Capillus 202 Theradome LH80 PRO
HR3 alopeciatd> Capillus alopecia Theradome alopecia
1.100€ 2.149€ 879,95€
246 diodes 202 diodes Less than 100 diodes
5 treatments or programs 1 treatments 1 treatments
From 15mW to 19mW 5 mW 5 mW
Wave length: 630nm 650 nm 678 nm
Between 9 and 15 mins per session 30 mins per session 20 mins per session
Removable (easy cleaning) No No
Flexible anti roturas Rigid Rigid
Easy to use anywhere or home use Easy to use anywhere or home use Home use
Discreet Discreet Bulky

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