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360º complement for hair treatments in clinic: post PRP and hair transplantation. A perfect 360º synergy of high quality nutricosmetics and cosmetics, to ensure good and lasting results.

Indicated for androgenetic alopecia.


Hairox kit includes:

  • Hairox serum. Serum for the treatment of alopecia and hair loss with 5-alpha reductase inhibition, growth factors and epigenetic restart of the hair bulb.
    Nourishes the hair zone.
  • Hairox Shampoo is a complete shampoo that complements any hair treatment, thanks to its moisturizing, anti-hair loss and nutrition functions. Hairox Shampoo inhibits 5-alpha reductase and protects the hair follicle, essential in hair treatments.
  • Hairox nutricosmetics.It stops hair loss in men and women by inhibiting the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Its studied composition slows hair loss, and also stimulates the growth of a shiny and resistant hair.

hairox serum kit
Hairox Serum
Functions Raw material
Epigenetic restart of the hair bulb Capilia Longa (F. Crecimiento) 1%
Hair nutrition Copper Peptides 0.002%
5-alpha reductase inhibitor Serenoa Repens Extract 0.25%
Polyvitamin Complex 2%

hairox shampoo
Hairox Shampoo
Functions Raw material Raw material
Hydration and volume Panthenol Inosine
Hair nutrition Allantoin Pyridoxine Hcl
Regeneration Curcuma Longa Thiamine Hcl
Anti-fall and promotes growth Serenoa Serrulata Copper tripeptide-1
5-alpha reductase inhibitor Soy Germ and Wisteria Magnesium sulphate
Hair restructuring Hydrolyzed Keratin Copper sulphate
Hair follicle protection Glycosaminoglycans Cyanocobalamin
Antioxidant Inositol Zinc sulfate
Precursor of protein synthesis Niacinamide Manganese sulphate
It slows the miniaturization of follicles Riboflavin Biotin
Balances hormone levels

Hairox Nutricosmetic
Ingredients caps. Ingredients caps. Ingredients caps. Ingredients stick
L-Cystine 150mg Zinc Sulfate 27,46 mg Copper sulfate 2,5mg Natursyn Beaulixir (300mg)
L-Cysteine 80mg Grape (seed, dry extract) 25 mg Vitamin B6 1,4mg Serenoa rapens
Polygoni multiflorum 50mg Millet 25mg Vitamin B2 1,4mg Borage
Brewer’s yeast 50mg Vitamin E 24mg Vitamin B1 1,1mg Linen
Ginkgo bilobaL L. 50mg Vitamin B3 16mg Vitamin D3 1mg Wheat
Ferrous Fumarate 42,58mg Catalase 15mg Vitamin B9 0,2mg Pine Extract
Bamboo (70% Organic Silicon) 30mg Vitamin B5 6,25mg Vitamin H (Biotin) 0,05mg Rye
Selenium Yeast 27,5mg L-Methionine 150mg Vitamin B12 0,0025mg Soy lecithin
Vitamin B7 Biotin (50μg)

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